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作者:LEW & ASSOCIATES   时间:2021-09-16
The project is an original local jewelry brand named “MMAKE STUDIO”. Made from stones with metal components from mountain rocks and minerals, the jewelry has condensed time and temperature under the hands of craftsmen. 


The two stores have been designed in accordance with their different spatial forms. Considering that our client is engaged in metal-related work, we respectively take "mine" and "valley" as the design theme to build connection with the brand itself. In our design, we want to create a new interactive relationship between people, space, and objects while preserving the urban texture.



At the beginning of design, the consideration about materials and the way of product display had become the key points of our creation. Located in an old factory house in TESTBED2 which retains traditional industrial buildings, MMAKE STUDIO is a three-storey, 17sqm, deep and narrow space, which  looks just like a “gold mine” hidden in the middle of a mountain. The whole space is filled with naturalistic mystery which attracts people to come and explore. 



The linear light in the middle of the space, run through the whole three floors, was inspired by the well rope of mine. Stairs connecting the whole space extend pure geometric beauty. As people walk slowly up the stairs, the linear light changes gradually from light to dark, just like the breath of people walking up. Its flickering light reflects the rough texture of the space, radiating an original and natural glamour.


Different from the display window, the “caves” on the wall look perfect for the handicrafts. The niches of different sizes, just like picture frames hanging on the wall of the art gallery, show all the objects in great harmony. So that customers could have more interaction with the artifacts during their circulation and tour, which creates a unique atmosphere focusing on customer experiences.


The space forms light and shade contrasts under the natural light, which subtly integrates different shapes, colors and textures into the interior. Each handicraft in the store is from the craftsmen of the workshop on the 3rd floor. Setting the workshop on the top floor also represents our best tribute to the craftsmen who always follow their heart and stick to their faith.

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Project Name: MMAKE STUDIO


Project Location: Yuzhong District, Chongqing


Developer: Chongqing MMAKE Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd.


Project Area: 17㎡


Interior Design: LEW & ASSOCIATES


Design Team:Adelson Lew、Lin Cong、Gong Weini


Article&Translation:Yu Zhimin、Ellen Shaw



摄  影:钱敏

Photographer:Qian Min



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